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Streamline Media Agency

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Social Media Management. Content Creation. Business Consulting.

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Here's the Thing...

We could share all the reasons why you need a social media manager, but if you’ve made it to this point, you probably already know. However, what you may not realize is this:

You don’t just need a social media manager, you need SMA.

Here’s why...

Especially for You

We tailor our social media strategies through a personalized approach to the needs of the client.

Done Over Perfect

We adhere to the idea that done is better than perfect so that there is room for growth and development.

Proven Methods

We have comprehensive research to back the methods we use in content creation.

Consistent Quality

We ensure a quality presentation that is consistent and reaches the target audience.

Breonna Baker

founder & ceo.

Wife. Educator. Brand Consultant. Designer.


Our Services

Social Media Management

The primary focus of this service is content creation and scheduling on a monthly basis.

Brand Building Session

These sessions will assist you with developing a plan of action for your business.

Business Consulting 

This is for start up business owners needing direction on what business moves to make. 

Podcast Start Up 

This is for start up podcasters needing direction on to record, edit and publish their podcast. 

Client Testimonials

With no time to print business cards, I needed a more efficient way to promote my brand for a networking event. Breonna eased my worries, curated a QR code with multiple variations, and even offered recommendations on how to incorporate it into my brand’s marketing strategy moving forward. Every time we work together, I am amazed at her range of expertise. I highly recommend SMA for a digital media experience tailored to meet your brand’s needs. Book today!

- Kayleon Dortch-Elliott

By Grace Not Perfection LLC

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