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What we do

Welcome to where our three areas of focus are social media management, content creation and business consulting. Our mission is to create authentic connections while developing clients content for a streamline experience.



Business Consulting

Business Consulting Sessions

We all need accountability and support when we are developing or expanding our business. These are the sessions you need.

Content Creation

Content Creation Package

When we do not know what else to say or create, Streamline can create 4,6,9,or 12 posts to assist in keeping your content on point.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management  Package

You know the saying, "time is money". Well, we say posts create profit. We can develop a social media strategy that will increase your business revenue. One of our clients went from one sale a week to over 10 sales in a week. It was because she positioned herself as an expert in her field and shared information and successes of her clients. You can too, if you streamline your media wit us.

What they're saying...

With no time to print business cards, I needed a more efficient way to promote my brand for a networking event. Breonna eased my worries, curated a QR code with multiple variations, and even offered recommendations on how to incorporate it into my brand’s marketing strategy moving forward. Every time we work together, I am amazed at her range of expertise. I highly recommend SMA for a digital media experience tailored to meet your brand’s needs. Book today!


Business Consulting

Business Consulting

This session is in place for business planning and execution. If you have an idea that needs expansion or a project that you need accountability on, book this service. 


  • Session Notes Recorded

  • Transferring Ideas into Strategic Planning

  • Accountability Plan Established



Content Creation

Content Creation Package

*Branded Content Selections: pick 4 posts types

- Reviews
- Shop Now
- Quote/ reminder/hashtag
-Meet the CEO
-Brand Ambassador
- Classic Background "editable"
- Restock


  • 4 High Quality Graphics 



Social Media Management

Social Media Management

This social media package is for one social media platform (Instagram or Facebook)


  • 25 posts Per Month= 5 posts per week

  • One Video Promotion

  • Reel Content Planning  

  • Monthly Strategy Meeting

  • Monthly Analytics Report



Extra bits and bobs:


Reach out & let's chat!


LOGO DESIGN & KIT ........$45/$65

FLYER DESIGN ................$60


WEBSITE DESIGN .............$250 +

Ipad on our desk


We will work with our clients to ensure they have the services that are needed to make their business a success. We have various partners in our network that can assist you. 

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